Standard Functional Foods Group

about us

Standard Functional Foods Group is a privately held, family company established over 100 years ago. Today, Standard Functional Foods Group is an industry leader in the manufacturing of nutritional and healthy snack bars. SFFG works with major food companies nationwide to develop a wide variety of organic, meal-replacement, functional foods, and sports nutrition products.

Company Profile

Standard Functional Foods Group, Inc., is a contract manufacturer of nutritional and healthy snack bars.  The company was established in 1901 as the Standard Candy Company and is credited with inventing the world’s first combination candy bar, the “Goo Goo Cluster.”

Today, the company is known for much more than its vanguard confectionary history.  A new era of food innovation in the nutraceutical and healthy food category led to the establishment of Standard Functional Foods Group in 1999.  

Known for its flexible, multifaceted manufacturing capabilities, Standard Functional Foods Group attracts many clientele, including Fortune 500 food companies, by delivering cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities. 

Standard Functional Foods Group has a fully-equipped research and development lab and expertise in a wide-range of food categories including: whole foods, weight management, functional foods, sports nutrition/energy and healthy snacks.

The company maintains a high caliber and well-equipped research and development team.  With in-depth knowledge and broad experience, Standard Functional Foods Group specializes in formulating unique product designs and the latest nutrition innovations.

Quality and customer service are paramount at Standard Functional Foods Group and the highest industry standards are followed.  Certifications include QAI Organic, AIB certifications, and Global Food Safety Initiative’s SQF (Safe Quality Food) program. Standard Functional Foods Group holds an SQF Excellent Rating Certification. SQF Certification is required of suppliers who have products in Wal-Mart and many other national chains. 

Standard Functional Foods Group is a privately held, family company that values relationships with its customers and employees as the cornerstone of its business.