Standard Functional Foods Group

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Standard Functional Foods Group has been in continuous operation since 1901 and has been a contract manufacturer of nutrition bars since 1997. Senior Mangement applies a conservative approach and our company is financially sound. SFFG has an employee base of approximately 500 and is committed to continuing their high standards into the future.

Employment Information

Being a part of the Standard Functional Foods Group team is rewarding and challenging, and the opportunities for growth are numerous. Our experienced labor pool has a higher than average length of service, and the management team at Standard Functional Foods Group has an average length of service that exceeds 15 years.

As of January 2010, approximately 500 associates are employed at the Standard Functional Foods Group headquarters in Nashville, TN. The Standard companies have enjoyed a century long relationship with their personnel and are dedicated to continuing these high standards of employment well into the future.

 Video: Vice President Neil Spradley talks about the value of SFFG employees to the company.

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