Standard Functional Foods Group

research & development

“We design and implement nutritionally balanced bars for the convenience markets. It’s an open and eat product rather than a preparation.”


Standard Funcitonal Foods Group has a highly qualified research & development team with expertise in a wide range of food categories. Areas of expertise include: whole foods, weight management, functional foods, sport, nutrition, energy, and healthy snacks. With in-depth knowledge and broad experience, Standard Functional Foods Group specializes in formulating unique product designs and the latest nutritional innovation.

We are confident that we can meet the needs of our clients through the support of our highly qualified team of food technologists and the resources at their disposal.

From product development to packaging, Standard Functional Foods Group is a leader in formulating bars. Our production center is capable of producing a wide range of product formats in order to serve most segments of the functional food market and successfully maintains a yearly production output of several
thousand bars.

In addition to bar creation, Standard Functional Foods Group has extensive packaging engineering resources. SFFG offers graphic design, prepress preparation, size and structure specifications, and product protection testing.